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Ghostcodes: A narrative, map-based game about places that no longer exist, and the joy of nondescript exploration (in development).

Aquarium: A flatgame about visiting an aquarium. With Nick Murray. Made for Flatgame Jam 2021.

Class 315: A tiny love letter to an old train.

Do You Remember Me?: A small meditation on what it is to forget.


Between the Lines: I walk between tube lines and write about the journeys.



Tiny Realisations: a tiny twitter bot for unprecedented times. Made with Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Drawings, photography, resources, and publications coming soon.

web design.

Whilst I long for the swift and merciless end of capitalism as much as the next girl, I love to build pretty and unique websites for good folks. If you're interested in working together, head over to my biz site for details.


Imo is a digital artist, writer, and web designer based in East London, UK. She makes thoughtful and intimate work on themes of community, social architecture, transit and transport, maps, and memories. She is particularly interested in generative art, neural networks, and biosonification.

Imo's life as a working class, neurodiverse, queer lone parent informs her work, and she is especially interested in challenging the inaccessibility of having a creative practice in terms of mental health, disability, education and socioeconomic background.

Imo has had work featured at the ICA, as part of a collaborative residency. She loves to work with others and believes in the power of community-building. She is deeply anti-capitalist and dreams of a communal, caring society in which police and prisons don't exist, and everybody has a place to live and food on the table.


To get in touch about working together, or just to say hi, you can email me at

You can also find me on itch, instagram and twitter. I love to make new friends so please don't hesitate to reach out!